Lauriel the Vampire Slayer

Mummy's Boy
Season Two, Episode Five
Stakes N Slayers
Season Two, Episode Four
Routine Evil
Season Two, Episode Three
End Time Blues, Part II
Season Two, Episode Two

Under attack from a nasty lot of vamps courtesy of Lothos, the gang fights for their lives in the nighttime halls of the high school. The lead vampire, dubbed “One Eye” for his .. well, one eye, holds Sally by the throat, mistakenly believing her to be the Slayer (thanks, Spike). It’s a rather tough melee, and although all the other vamps get dusted, One Eye escapes to report back to his master, or do whatever it is evil vampire types do after getting their butts kicked. Interestingly, One Eye never actually finds out that Sally isn’t the Slayer, which could be a problem for her in the future. Exhausted and more than a little beat up, the gang decides to call it and night and leave the school. The investigation will just have to wait.

Unfortunately, danger waits for no one. The next day at school, Amberleigh is witness to another horrific paranormal event, as Mr. Whitman the AP Calculus teacher rapidly ages and crumbles to bones and dust right in the middle of class. Bummer. Still in shock from the strange occurrence, Amberleigh grabs Sally and Lauriel, and they duck in to a restroom to discuss what’s happened. No one thinks to make sure the bathroom is clear, though, and it isn’t long after they leave that a girl steps out from the stalls and says, “What the hell?” Uh oh!

After school, the crime club meets up at Sally’s apartment to do some research. Amberleigh makes crafty use of her hacking skills, accessing the town hall records and downloading blueprints to Valleyview High. After marking all of the locations at the school where strange events occurred, the gang manages to triangular a central location where the events may be emanating from. Naturally, it’s in the basement.

In what’s beginning to seem like a nightly occurrence, the gang breaks in to the school later that night. They quickly head to the basement, and it isn’t long before they find some sort of strange device. It’s sparking electricity all over the place, and Lauriel wastes no time grabbing a fire hatchet from the nearby wall and smashing the machine to pieces in a bright, blinding flash. As Sally, Amberleigh, and Jack stand up and brush the dust off themselves, it becomes apparent that the rampant time device has been stopped….

…but where’s Lauriel?

End Time Blues, Part I
Season Two, Episode One

School is back in session! It’s the first day of senior year, what could possibly go wrong?

Frog dissection on the first day of Advanced Biology? Gag me. Worst still, when those frogs re-animate mid-dissection, causing a panic. As Jack and Lauriel leave the biology class, Jack accidentally bumps into Amberleigh Yung, a new student. The bump knocks a book out of her bag, and as Jack picks it up to hand back to her, he notices it’s suspicious title, Scholis Inferna. Is the new girl a witch, and did she cause the frog-tastophy?

After school, the gang heads to Moderne Mysterie, which is now owned by Lauriel’s uncle, Cheveyo Lark, intent on forming a plan to figure out what happened in the biology class. Imagine their surprise, though, as Amberleigh walks through the front doors of the magic shop. The group does their best to subtly question her about the event, trying to suss out if she is the cause or not, but it quickly becomes apparent that she was not behind it, and in fact she had come to the magic shop for supplies to try to solve the case herself!

Later that night, the gang heads to the school to investigate. Jack easily breaks them in, but as they begin to make their way to the biology classroom, Amberleigh is caught by a teacher, Mr. Whitman! She nervously manages to talk her way out of trouble, and she continues on to the classroom to meet back up with the gang. Amberleigh quickly gets to work, casting a spell called “Tirer La Couture” (roughly translated “Pull the Curtain Back”), which allows her to see all magic around her. As she takes a look around the biology classroom, Lauriel and Jack hear a noise down the hall.

Amberleigh looks around the room and even examines the reanimated frogs (conveniently still being kept in a box in the room), and is shocked to find no magical presence among anything. Meanwhile, Lauriel and Jack dust a vampire who had brought a “snack” back to the dark halls of the school. While helping Amberleigh search the classroom, Sally has a ghostly encounter! She sees the image of a nerdy highschool girl walking backwards down the hall, then vanishing before her eyes. Unable to turn up any other clues, however, the gang leaves the school for the night.

The next day, Amberleigh is handed a pop quiz in her English Lit class. Unfortunately for her, as soon as she finishes writing her name on the test form, the bell rings and the teacher starts collecting quizzes. Where did that time go? Amberleigh uses a spell, “Expectations Fulfilled”, to get a passing grade on her quiz anyways.

After school, the gang researches the girl that Sally saw in the halls the night before, and discovers that she is a junior at the school named Abigail Cooper. They head to her home to talk to her parents, only to discover a run down house and her drunk father, who gets strangely mad and slams the door when they ask about Abby’s brother, Eddy Cooper. They had managed to find out that her mother works at the local Valleyview diner, however, so they decide to try talking to her. Unfortunately, that conversation turns sour when they make mention of Eddy again, and they quickly discover that he’s been dead for about a year. Abby herself has been missing for several days. Strange.

The gang decides to research what happened to Abby’s brother, and they find out that he died in an accident at the school last year when he fell down the stairs. The article mentioned that Mr. Whitman, a maths teacher at the school, was a mentor of Eddy. With the sun setting on another day, the gang decides to head to the school once again to investigate the maths teacher.

Before they reach Mr. Whitman’s classroom, however, an explosion of glass reveals a surprise attack from several nasty vampires who come crashing through the windows of the school hallway. The lead vampire, a towering brute standing nearly seven feet tall with shoulders as wide as a truck, quickly rushes down Sally and grabs her by the throat. As the other vamps surround the rest of the group, the leader smirks at Sally, his unkempt black hair making way to a pock-marked and monstrous face with one good eye as he lifts her off the ground. “Time to die, Slayer,” he says to Sally.


The Final Night
Season One, Episode Twelve

With Merrick held captive by the dark witch Jacqueline Vermelho, the group wastes no time in going to the Valleyview Junkyard to save him. With no real time to prepare for such a confrontation, Sally Wohlers decides that she has to risk her secret identity and call her shadow organization contacts for backup. The group tells her that a squad will be rerouted from nearby, and to expect them to arrive as soon as possible. Together, the group heads to the junkyard for the final fight with Jackie.

The junkyard is full of vampires and hell hounds, and the characters decided there is no other choice but to fight their way through the horde. As they make their way through the junkyard, and eventually to the main office area, they are greeted by Jackie, who calls off the rest of her minions. She taunts Lauriel Lark, and just as she is about to lob a deadly spell at the Slayer, Merrick appears behind her and knocks her out with a brick. The congratulations for his self-rescue are short-lived, however, as a gigantic creature smashes down through the roof of the building!

The creature, a huge golem made of rusted car parts and other junkyard debris, tries to crush the characters, but Jack Simms quickly comes up with a plan. After narrowly avoiding the creature’s massive fist, Jack swiftly scales the golem’s arm and climbs on to it’s back. Just behind the creature’s head he finds exactly what he was hoping for, a full gas tank, and drops his lit zippo into it. The monster thrashes as Jack leaps from it’s back, then explodes in a massive fireball that engulfs the office building, throwing the characters out into the yard.

Unfortunately, the ritual that Jackie was planning to cast had already been enacted, and as the blood from her head wound seeps on to the ground, a hellpit opens! As the character’s begin to pick themselves up from the wreckage of the explosion, a skeletal figure claws it’s way out of hell, it’s muscle, tendons, and flesh slowly rebuilding. By the time the creature stands, it’s obvious that this is the demonic entity that Jacqueline was in servitude to. She has freed it from hell!

Miles Greene attempts to drain the power from a mystical dagger that Jacqueline was carrying, throwing a bolt of dark energy at the demon! The black magic of the spell only seems to make the creature stronger, however, and soon it turns the tables on Miles and begins to absorb his soul. Lauriel charges the demon, breaking the magical soul-sucking link between it and the witch, but in the process she exposes herself to the demons attacks! The day is saved, though, as Sally decapitates the demon with a deadly surprise attack.

It’s just then that the operatives of the Arrow Foundation that Sally called swoop in to the junkyard. With guns drawn and ready, the operatives quickly begin to dispatch the remaining hell hounds and vamps, tagging and bagging anything of supernatural origin as they go. As the group is dismissed by a man in a dark suit who is obviously in charge, an Arrow scientist scans Miles’ unconscious body with some kind of device, and exclaims “Unregistered witch here, and he’s alive!” “Collect it.” the man in the suit replies, and the operatives move to abduct Miles as the group protests. Lauriel is ready to fight for her friend, but with guns trained on them and shadow operatives telling them to back off, Sally is able to talk sense in to her. There is nothing they can do.

The group drives away from the junkyard in silence, the apocalypse averted, but at what cost?

A Brand New Day
Season One, Episode Eleven

After re-imprisoning the Tuurngait souls within a new urn, the group heads back to Lauriel’s house to try to come to terms with her newly restored brother, Juno. Neither Lauriel nor their uncle Cheveyo have any recollection of Juno being anything other than Lauriel’s pet Alaskan Malamut, and he isn’t in any family photographs from when they were children. The group tries to puzzle out this curious situation, and Miles Green even tries to cast a spell to find some answers. Strangely, all methods of trying to find evidence of Juno’s existence as Lauriel’s brother turn up nothing.

Late the next day, however, while Juno and Lauriel are trying to get to know eachother, Juno is wracked by terrible, painful visions. In it, he sees their parents helping to clear the Exxon Valdez oil spill, a bloodied knife, and sees a pair of demonic eyes while he hears the word “Tarkados”. Unfortunately, all efforts to research said word also bring up nothing.

The crime club knows that Jacqueline Vermelho is in Valleyview, and is about to attempt some sort of ritual at the Valleyview Junkyard. As they try to come up with a plan to face such a powerful dark witch, disaster strikes. When Lauriel tries to call her Watcher, Merrick, she instead finds Jacqueline on the other end of the line. She’s captured Merrick, and tells Lauriel to come to the junkyard if she wants to see him alive again…

Fright Club
Season One, Episode Ten

Having just returned from the dimension of Gavrok, the gang find themselves in the Valleyview Junkyard surrounded by a horde of Tuurngait possessed zombies. They aren’t alone in the fight, however, as the Mysterious Inuit Woman soon leaps into the fray and helps them fight the creatures.

After dealing with the zombies, Lauriel Lark and the group take the warrior woman back to her house to speak with her. With Cheveyo Lark acting as an interpreter, they are able to communicate with the woman and learn more about her. They discover that she is not only an ancient spirit warrior bound to protect the Tuurngait Soul Urn, but also a relative of the Larks. The woman tells the group of an artifact that can be used to trap the tuurngait souls again, which just so happens to be on display at the Museum of History at Valleyview.

The crime club arrives at the museum and with the help of Jack Simms they manage to break in easily. Unfortunately, they are not alone in the museum, as the tuurngait souls have begun to possess the display pieces. After fighting animated cavemen mannequins and even a tuurngait-possessed saber-toothed tiger, they finally find the artifact they were looking for. Unfortunately, the reanimated corpse of Frederick Deacon stands between Lauriel and the object.

Lauriel’s dog companion Juno Lark attacks Frederick, but a brutal kick from the malefic zombie sends Juno crashing into the wall of the musuem, badly injured. Driven to righteous fury by that act, Lauriel tackles Frederick through the wall of the display, and easily dispatches the creature. She quickly rushes to the side of her wounded and dying dog, Juno.

As Lauriel tends to her animal companion, the Inuit woman reappears and begins the ritual to re-entomb the tuurngait souls. Just before the ritual completes, trapping the souls and their mystical jailer within the new urn, the inuit woman shares some words of encouragement with Lauriel, and touches a glowing hand to Juno. As the woman disappears in a flash, Lauriel looks down at Juno, now a young man, who looks to her with a surprised look and says, “Sis?”

Gavrok N' Roll
Season One, Episode Nine

Our heroes arrive at Noxon Public Library to confront Jacqueline Vermelho and Spike.

Jacqueline has gone to the library and is reading a spell from a nasty looking book. As a portal opens sucking the crime club in, Miles manages to blast Jacqueline’s book and Spike’s jacket.

The group finds itself in a strange demon dimension full of abnormally large spiders and lit by two suns. The group eventually comes across a strange looking alien ziggurat. Miles believes the writing on the temple is familiar but is unsure where he has seen it.

Heavy doors block access to the temple, but they are no problem for Neil’s robotic strength. Inside the temple is more of the writing and torches with lit with a greenish like fire. Miles takes a closer look at the writing and identifies it as being related to Sumerian. As the group investigates the temple spiders seem to fill the place. Eventually they come across a group of robed demonic warriors fighting a losing battle against the spiders. Although they nearly come to blows, Miles recognizes the demons as Mok’tagar demons. They hold off on attacking and realize they share a common enemy.

They learn that the lead Mok’tagar is named Taris. He and his people have been trapped in this dimension for centuries. The temple turns out to be a scientific research outpost for the Mok’tagar. It contains a planar gate that could get the group home again but it is currently non-functional. The group decides to work together to travel to the parts of the temple to find the missing pieces of the machine. It turns out the other parts of the temple are even more swarmed with spiders and other horrible creatures that come from beneath the surface.

After fighting their way through the temple, the group manages to get the missing pieces. Taris then informs them that there is one more piece in an unexplored part of the temple but refuses to accompany the heroes. While the rest of the group heads off to find this last piece, Jack sneaks back to see what the Mok’tagar are up to and learns that they are going to activate the planar gate and leave the group stranded in Gavrok. The heroes are set up and discover a great snake-like beast awaiting them. Combining the groups mighty physical prowess and some of MIles’ dark magic they destroy the creature just in time to arrive at the portal.

When Jack sneaks back to the other Mok’tagar he realizes he needs to cause a distraction. Playing on the demons’ ignorance, he uses his beeper to claim he will blow up all of them. Just then the group arrives as Dark Miles intimidates the demons into setting the portal for their trip back home. The group arrives back in Valleyview at the Junkyard just in time to see Jacqueline smash the Soul Urn and use the energy to raise a bunch of zombies.

"Devil Boy"
Season One, Episode Eight

The episode opens dealing with aftermath of the accidental death of Frederick Deacon. At school the next day, an understandable cloud of sadness shadows Lauriel. In the bathroom she finds the word murderer written in blood on the mirror but seems to be the only one to see it. When the English teacher, June Mayfair enters the bathroom she doesn’t appear to take notice.

Later that day in English class, Miles catches a glimpse of what appears to be a classical devil roaming past the classroom door. Miles quickly excuses himself from class to investigate but the figure disappears around the corner. Knowing that Lauriel is still troubled, Miles gets Sally out of class to let her know what is going on. They also meet up with Jack who has been up to some shady business in the bathroom.

Miles believes he can track down the wayward figure but he’ll need magic to do it. Sally forges a note so Miles can retrieve his supplies while Sally goes to find Lauriel. While walking the hallway, Sally catches a ghostly image of a young man who appears to have been beaten to death, though he is dressed as if he were from the 70s.

Lauriel strikes out on her own on campus and finds herself in the boiler room when the demon in question comes looking for her. She beats the snot out of it with its own bat and it disappears. Soon Miles returns to school and Jack sets off the fire alarm giving Miles a chance to cast his spell. The spell leads them to the library and an old yearbook from 1977. They take the yearbook and head out to join the rest of their classmates. The yearbook belongs to a Thomas Lockwood who apparently had a crush on fellow student June Mayfair and a hatred for another student named Davey Johnston.

Taking the names, Miles heads to Noxon Public Library to search the microfiche for any strange events taking place in 1977. He discovers that around the same time of year in 1977 (mid-December) Thomas was found murdered and Davey had disappeared. Also, starting around 1985 various girls began to disappear around the same time of year.

Miles decides to look into any occultic significance of the date which he discovers to be a vampiric holiday, the Night of Salomay. He is unable to find any connection. The gang meets up at Coppertin’s to share what they’ve found. Upset, Lauriel takes off to the school while Jack, Sally, and Miles decide to follow Ms. Mayfair. They find Ms. Mayfair at home where she is preparing for bed. Her body is covered in tattoos which Miles recognizes as part of a warding spell. Sally and Miles attempt to talk to her but she screams and attempts to call the cops claiming not to know what Sally is talking about. The demon who turns out to be a possessed Davey Johnston comes to claim Ms. Mayfair but Miles uses his magic to keep him at bay. The demon disappears and Jack, Sally, and Miles take Ms. Mayfair to the school where Lauriel has been talking to the spirit of Thomas Lockwood who explains what took place all those years ago.

June was in love with Davey who ignored her so she summoned the demon, Habastus to make him love her. The demon possessed Davey and murdered Thomas, June’s only friend and secret admirer. June confesses to sacrificing girls to keep Davey sealed away and admits to Thomas what happened. Davey appeared but the spirit of Thomas drives Davey out.

The episode ends with Spike returning to town with Jacqueline Vermelho in tow.


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