Lauriel the Vampire Slayer

A Brand New Day

Season One, Episode Eleven

After re-imprisoning the Tuurngait souls within a new urn, the group heads back to Lauriel’s house to try to come to terms with her newly restored brother, Juno. Neither Lauriel nor their uncle Cheveyo have any recollection of Juno being anything other than Lauriel’s pet Alaskan Malamut, and he isn’t in any family photographs from when they were children. The group tries to puzzle out this curious situation, and Miles Green even tries to cast a spell to find some answers. Strangely, all methods of trying to find evidence of Juno’s existence as Lauriel’s brother turn up nothing.

Late the next day, however, while Juno and Lauriel are trying to get to know eachother, Juno is wracked by terrible, painful visions. In it, he sees their parents helping to clear the Exxon Valdez oil spill, a bloodied knife, and sees a pair of demonic eyes while he hears the word “Tarkados”. Unfortunately, all efforts to research said word also bring up nothing.

The crime club knows that Jacqueline Vermelho is in Valleyview, and is about to attempt some sort of ritual at the Valleyview Junkyard. As they try to come up with a plan to face such a powerful dark witch, disaster strikes. When Lauriel tries to call her Watcher, Merrick, she instead finds Jacqueline on the other end of the line. She’s captured Merrick, and tells Lauriel to come to the junkyard if she wants to see him alive again…



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