Lauriel the Vampire Slayer

"Devil Boy"

Season One, Episode Eight

The episode opens dealing with aftermath of the accidental death of Frederick Deacon. At school the next day, an understandable cloud of sadness shadows Lauriel. In the bathroom she finds the word murderer written in blood on the mirror but seems to be the only one to see it. When the English teacher, June Mayfair enters the bathroom she doesn’t appear to take notice.

Later that day in English class, Miles catches a glimpse of what appears to be a classical devil roaming past the classroom door. Miles quickly excuses himself from class to investigate but the figure disappears around the corner. Knowing that Lauriel is still troubled, Miles gets Sally out of class to let her know what is going on. They also meet up with Jack who has been up to some shady business in the bathroom.

Miles believes he can track down the wayward figure but he’ll need magic to do it. Sally forges a note so Miles can retrieve his supplies while Sally goes to find Lauriel. While walking the hallway, Sally catches a ghostly image of a young man who appears to have been beaten to death, though he is dressed as if he were from the 70s.

Lauriel strikes out on her own on campus and finds herself in the boiler room when the demon in question comes looking for her. She beats the snot out of it with its own bat and it disappears. Soon Miles returns to school and Jack sets off the fire alarm giving Miles a chance to cast his spell. The spell leads them to the library and an old yearbook from 1977. They take the yearbook and head out to join the rest of their classmates. The yearbook belongs to a Thomas Lockwood who apparently had a crush on fellow student June Mayfair and a hatred for another student named Davey Johnston.

Taking the names, Miles heads to Noxon Public Library to search the microfiche for any strange events taking place in 1977. He discovers that around the same time of year in 1977 (mid-December) Thomas was found murdered and Davey had disappeared. Also, starting around 1985 various girls began to disappear around the same time of year.

Miles decides to look into any occultic significance of the date which he discovers to be a vampiric holiday, the Night of Salomay. He is unable to find any connection. The gang meets up at Coppertin’s to share what they’ve found. Upset, Lauriel takes off to the school while Jack, Sally, and Miles decide to follow Ms. Mayfair. They find Ms. Mayfair at home where she is preparing for bed. Her body is covered in tattoos which Miles recognizes as part of a warding spell. Sally and Miles attempt to talk to her but she screams and attempts to call the cops claiming not to know what Sally is talking about. The demon who turns out to be a possessed Davey Johnston comes to claim Ms. Mayfair but Miles uses his magic to keep him at bay. The demon disappears and Jack, Sally, and Miles take Ms. Mayfair to the school where Lauriel has been talking to the spirit of Thomas Lockwood who explains what took place all those years ago.

June was in love with Davey who ignored her so she summoned the demon, Habastus to make him love her. The demon possessed Davey and murdered Thomas, June’s only friend and secret admirer. June confesses to sacrificing girls to keep Davey sealed away and admits to Thomas what happened. Davey appeared but the spirit of Thomas drives Davey out.

The episode ends with Spike returning to town with Jacqueline Vermelho in tow.



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