Lauriel the Vampire Slayer

Fright Club

Season One, Episode Ten

Having just returned from the dimension of Gavrok, the gang find themselves in the Valleyview Junkyard surrounded by a horde of Tuurngait possessed zombies. They aren’t alone in the fight, however, as the Mysterious Inuit Woman soon leaps into the fray and helps them fight the creatures.

After dealing with the zombies, Lauriel Lark and the group take the warrior woman back to her house to speak with her. With Cheveyo Lark acting as an interpreter, they are able to communicate with the woman and learn more about her. They discover that she is not only an ancient spirit warrior bound to protect the Tuurngait Soul Urn, but also a relative of the Larks. The woman tells the group of an artifact that can be used to trap the tuurngait souls again, which just so happens to be on display at the Museum of History at Valleyview.

The crime club arrives at the museum and with the help of Jack Simms they manage to break in easily. Unfortunately, they are not alone in the museum, as the tuurngait souls have begun to possess the display pieces. After fighting animated cavemen mannequins and even a tuurngait-possessed saber-toothed tiger, they finally find the artifact they were looking for. Unfortunately, the reanimated corpse of Frederick Deacon stands between Lauriel and the object.

Lauriel’s dog companion Juno Lark attacks Frederick, but a brutal kick from the malefic zombie sends Juno crashing into the wall of the musuem, badly injured. Driven to righteous fury by that act, Lauriel tackles Frederick through the wall of the display, and easily dispatches the creature. She quickly rushes to the side of her wounded and dying dog, Juno.

As Lauriel tends to her animal companion, the Inuit woman reappears and begins the ritual to re-entomb the tuurngait souls. Just before the ritual completes, trapping the souls and their mystical jailer within the new urn, the inuit woman shares some words of encouragement with Lauriel, and touches a glowing hand to Juno. As the woman disappears in a flash, Lauriel looks down at Juno, now a young man, who looks to her with a surprised look and says, “Sis?”



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