Lauriel the Vampire Slayer

Gavrok N' Roll

Season One, Episode Nine

Our heroes arrive at Noxon Public Library to confront Jacqueline Vermelho and Spike.

Jacqueline has gone to the library and is reading a spell from a nasty looking book. As a portal opens sucking the crime club in, Miles manages to blast Jacqueline’s book and Spike’s jacket.

The group finds itself in a strange demon dimension full of abnormally large spiders and lit by two suns. The group eventually comes across a strange looking alien ziggurat. Miles believes the writing on the temple is familiar but is unsure where he has seen it.

Heavy doors block access to the temple, but they are no problem for Neil’s robotic strength. Inside the temple is more of the writing and torches with lit with a greenish like fire. Miles takes a closer look at the writing and identifies it as being related to Sumerian. As the group investigates the temple spiders seem to fill the place. Eventually they come across a group of robed demonic warriors fighting a losing battle against the spiders. Although they nearly come to blows, Miles recognizes the demons as Mok’tagar demons. They hold off on attacking and realize they share a common enemy.

They learn that the lead Mok’tagar is named Taris. He and his people have been trapped in this dimension for centuries. The temple turns out to be a scientific research outpost for the Mok’tagar. It contains a planar gate that could get the group home again but it is currently non-functional. The group decides to work together to travel to the parts of the temple to find the missing pieces of the machine. It turns out the other parts of the temple are even more swarmed with spiders and other horrible creatures that come from beneath the surface.

After fighting their way through the temple, the group manages to get the missing pieces. Taris then informs them that there is one more piece in an unexplored part of the temple but refuses to accompany the heroes. While the rest of the group heads off to find this last piece, Jack sneaks back to see what the Mok’tagar are up to and learns that they are going to activate the planar gate and leave the group stranded in Gavrok. The heroes are set up and discover a great snake-like beast awaiting them. Combining the groups mighty physical prowess and some of MIles’ dark magic they destroy the creature just in time to arrive at the portal.

When Jack sneaks back to the other Mok’tagar he realizes he needs to cause a distraction. Playing on the demons’ ignorance, he uses his beeper to claim he will blow up all of them. Just then the group arrives as Dark Miles intimidates the demons into setting the portal for their trip back home. The group arrives back in Valleyview at the Junkyard just in time to see Jacqueline smash the Soul Urn and use the energy to raise a bunch of zombies.



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