Lauriel the Vampire Slayer

The Final Night

Season One, Episode Twelve

With Merrick held captive by the dark witch Jacqueline Vermelho, the group wastes no time in going to the Valleyview Junkyard to save him. With no real time to prepare for such a confrontation, Sally Wohlers decides that she has to risk her secret identity and call her shadow organization contacts for backup. The group tells her that a squad will be rerouted from nearby, and to expect them to arrive as soon as possible. Together, the group heads to the junkyard for the final fight with Jackie.

The junkyard is full of vampires and hell hounds, and the characters decided there is no other choice but to fight their way through the horde. As they make their way through the junkyard, and eventually to the main office area, they are greeted by Jackie, who calls off the rest of her minions. She taunts Lauriel Lark, and just as she is about to lob a deadly spell at the Slayer, Merrick appears behind her and knocks her out with a brick. The congratulations for his self-rescue are short-lived, however, as a gigantic creature smashes down through the roof of the building!

The creature, a huge golem made of rusted car parts and other junkyard debris, tries to crush the characters, but Jack Simms quickly comes up with a plan. After narrowly avoiding the creature’s massive fist, Jack swiftly scales the golem’s arm and climbs on to it’s back. Just behind the creature’s head he finds exactly what he was hoping for, a full gas tank, and drops his lit zippo into it. The monster thrashes as Jack leaps from it’s back, then explodes in a massive fireball that engulfs the office building, throwing the characters out into the yard.

Unfortunately, the ritual that Jackie was planning to cast had already been enacted, and as the blood from her head wound seeps on to the ground, a hellpit opens! As the character’s begin to pick themselves up from the wreckage of the explosion, a skeletal figure claws it’s way out of hell, it’s muscle, tendons, and flesh slowly rebuilding. By the time the creature stands, it’s obvious that this is the demonic entity that Jacqueline was in servitude to. She has freed it from hell!

Miles Greene attempts to drain the power from a mystical dagger that Jacqueline was carrying, throwing a bolt of dark energy at the demon! The black magic of the spell only seems to make the creature stronger, however, and soon it turns the tables on Miles and begins to absorb his soul. Lauriel charges the demon, breaking the magical soul-sucking link between it and the witch, but in the process she exposes herself to the demons attacks! The day is saved, though, as Sally decapitates the demon with a deadly surprise attack.

It’s just then that the operatives of the Arrow Foundation that Sally called swoop in to the junkyard. With guns drawn and ready, the operatives quickly begin to dispatch the remaining hell hounds and vamps, tagging and bagging anything of supernatural origin as they go. As the group is dismissed by a man in a dark suit who is obviously in charge, an Arrow scientist scans Miles’ unconscious body with some kind of device, and exclaims “Unregistered witch here, and he’s alive!” “Collect it.” the man in the suit replies, and the operatives move to abduct Miles as the group protests. Lauriel is ready to fight for her friend, but with guns trained on them and shadow operatives telling them to back off, Sally is able to talk sense in to her. There is nothing they can do.

The group drives away from the junkyard in silence, the apocalypse averted, but at what cost?



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