Lauriel the Vampire Slayer

"Midnight Oil"
Season One, Episode Seven

Our episode begins with Miles having terrible dreams, which he realizes are the first psychic visions he has had in a long time. A vision of a strange man in a trench coat with a wolf’s head surrounded by blood-filled syringes shakes him awake to his room where Jacqueline Vermelho awaits asking him to come with her. When he refuses she shocks him with black lightning, awakening him a second time. This time the Mysterious Inuit Woman stands over his bed and stabs him with her spear. He wakes up for a final time coughing up blood.

The next day at school the body of a mauled student who turns out to be Dwayne Roberts is found in the girl’s locker room. After asking around a bit, the gang discovers that he hung out at a local arcade, Last Life.

At the arcade, the team asks about Dwayne who they find out goes by the moniker, D-Rob and was a master of the game Primal Rage. They also find out that he liked to hang out in the back alley. One of the arcade regulars, Jack Simms takes notice of the group and inquires as to why they are looking into D-Rob’s murder. Lauriel quickly explains that they are members of the school’s Crime Club. Jack agrees to aid them in their search for answers. They head to the city morgue where Jack demonstrates some excellent breaking and entering skills. They quickly find D-Rob’s body which has been horribly mauled. They also find tufts of fur on the body. Based on Miles’ vision, they begin to believe he was killed by a werewolf.

During their investigation, Miles is approached by the spirit of the deceased Dwayne. He is a bit shocked as this hadn’t happened to him in quite awhile. Dwayne explains that a wolf creature did indeed kill him after a man in a trench coat wearing a wolf mask beat him up. He also apparently owed money to Jack. Miles discovers that Jack has been selling drugs behind the arcade. He also knows about vampires. It seems that there is more to Mr. Simms than meets the eye.

The gang calls it a night and does some more research into werewolves and the victim. The next night they head to the arcade’s back alley to see what is going on. Soon they find another teen being attacked by a werewolf. The man in the trench coat appears to have just gotten done throttling him. Sally fires her bow while Neil fires his gun at the man in the coat. The man puts a bullet in Sally’s chest and takes off. The wolf turns on the group but Miles summons a gout of fire and burns the creature to a crisp. It seems the dark magic of the Tuurngait Soul Urn has left its mark on Miles. The gang rushes Sally to the home of Tobias Weyfield, the med student they had saved from murderous homonculi. He is able to treat Sally as the gang looks into this man in a trench coat and the wolf’s victim, Doug Jackson who turns out to be another arcade regular and regular customer of Jack’s.

They discover the license plate of the vehicle the man escaped in belonged to a Frederick Deacon, a former Detective for Valleyview PD. They discover that Detective Deacon was fired for his harsh treatment of drug dealers and users. They find out the Detective’s son had died from an overdose which led to his personal anti-drug vendetta that ultimately cost him his marriage and his career. One particular incident involved the son of former Mayor Leonard Groener, Alexander. Alexander died in Deacon’s custody from overdose and blunt force trauma. After his divorce and losing his job, he seemingly disappeared.

As they try to track down Deacon, Neil attempts to find out what is going on with Clarissa Aaron and discovers that she is being kept outside of town in a shack by her mother. He discovers that Clarissa is a werewolf and her mother is trying to cure her. Meanwhile, Juno helps track down Deacon who is staying in a cabin in the nearby woods. They find that he is keeping a group of werewolves in a shed at his cabin. They seem him approach the shed wearing the wolf mask. Miles blasts him back into his shed as the group closes in. Lauriel grabs Deacon and attempts to remove his mask, accidentally snapping his neck in the process. Horrified, Lauriel goes into shock as the episode ends.

Season One, Episode Six

It’s Halloween night, and Anjelika Aaron is hosting a party at her house. What could possibly go wrong?

"Viva Las Vegas!"
Season One Episode Five

Our episode begins with the arrival of the platinum blond English stranger that Miles immediately recognizes as William the Bloody, a notorious vampire. He claims that he now goes by the moniker, Spike and has come looking for the Tuurngait Soul Urn. Of course, after all the effort of chasing the thing down the gang isn’t quite ready to give it up that easily.

After a bit of banter, things turn violent. Miles inches back towards the car to grab the Urn and grabs it yelling to Spike to back off or he’ll destroy it. Spike ignores the warning and grabs Lauriel. Knowing what they were up against Miles makes a desperate move. He drains some of the dark magic of the Urn temporarily boosting his power and becoming Darth Miles. In a cool FX voice and with black eyes, Spike is warned once again to back off as Miles attempts to blast him.

Neil realizes that if Miles continues to access the Urn’s power, he may become a bigger threat than even Spike so he quickly kicks the orb out of Miles’ grasp. Spike grabs the Urn and tries to make a run for it but Sally decides to use her car as a Spike smashing device. Meanwhile, Lauriel heads to Spike’s car to grab his keys. After slowing Spike down, Miles telekinetically grabs the Urn and the gang head to Las Vegas to find the Red Jack Casino.

Soon the gang find themselves outside the shady looking casino. Sally heads into gamble and try to gather some information. Miles listens around the casino to see if anything unusual or supernatural is going on. Neil goes to buy a drink (nearly getting himself kicked out). Lauriel heads for the back set of doors where to burly vampires block access. She turns on her slayer charms and manages to secure a behind the scenes tour for her and Sally. The vamps were unfortunately stupid when they decided to throw the girls in a broom closet. One broken broom and two dusted vamps later, Miles and Neil come to the rescue just a bit too late.

The gang decides to check out the intercom office where the door opens to greet them. The gang finally comes face to face with Red Jack herself, Jacqueline Vermelho. She greets the characters as she whisks the Urn into her hands demonstrating herself to be a powerful witch. Handling the characters seems to be beneath her as she uses a trapdoor to drop the heroes into her own personal dungeon.

In the dungeon they face off against a group of hellhounds with the help of Spike had also been trapped in the dungeon. After the hellhounds are defeated, Miles hears something large and nasty headed their way. He recognizes it as a fyarl demon which the heroes to decide to fight instead of flee. Fortunately a nearby corpse was carrying a silver sword (the fyarl demon’s only weakness). After being gored and knocked around for a while, Miles grabs the sword and puts it into the pinned down fyarl’s brain. The heroes soon then find their way out of the dungeon and head back to Valleyview where they will prepare for the next confrontation with Red Jack.

"Where the Chips Fall"
Season One Episode Four

Our episode begins with Neil discovering the artifact that the vampires were searching for in the junkyard in “Seeking”. Unfortunately, a group of biker vampires appear to liberate the artifact from his possession. Neil fends off the vampires with some help from a mysterious Inuit woman but not before damaging his shoulder and losing the artifact.

Neil finds his way to Miles’ house seeing as Miles is the only one who knows Neil’s true nature. Miles shows Neil the tool shed where he will be able to repair himself. The noise and sparking of Neil’s arm attracts Lauriel’s attention. Lauriel comes into the tool shed and ultimately learns the truth about Neil’s robot-hood (and becomes somewhat obsessive about his robotic man-hood). Before long, Sally arrives and learns the truth as well.

The gang decides to investigate further. Miles researches the orb depicted in the Drawing of Unknown Artifact. He discovers that the orb is actually the Tuurngait Soul Urn, a container for spirits constructed by the Inuit in ancient times. He also learns that the Urn can be used for good or evil.

A news report informs the gang that several houses in town have been burned down under mysterious circumstances. They learn that these houses are those of the children saved from the biker vamps in “Seeking”. Miles proposes that they stake out one of the houses to prevent this from happening again. Predictably, the vamps show up but Sally and Miles dust them (although one does manage to escape on his bike).

Meanwhile, Neil and Lauriel hit the local bar scene to sniff out the biker vampires (who work for the Red Jack Casino in Las Vegas). Sally’s contacts report that the Red Jack Casino is heavily involved in the supernatural black market which would explain why the vamps were after the Urn. After a good old fashioned bar fight, they meet up with Miles and Sally to plan the final encounter with the vamps.

The gang track the vamps to an abandoned warehouse (is there any other kind?) only to find the vamps taking off for Vegas. They pursue them outside of Valleyview and confront the vamps. Neil uses a sniper rifle to take out the head vamp’s bike and wackiness ensues from there. Most of the vamps are easily dusted as the head vamp tries to escape. Fortunately, Miles uses Bolt of Light to send him flying into the crossroad where he is subsequently ran over by a black ‘59 DeSoto Fireflite. The driver comes to a stop and steps out of the car. Platinum blonde hair and black clothes are the relevant details of the newcomer who proclaims in a North London accent, "Right then, now that’s what I call a bloody entrance."

"The Dolls of Valleyview"
Season One Episode Three

The episode begins with Merrick, recently returned from the famed Watcher’s Council retreat, giving Lauriel a dire warning that the powerful vampire, Lothos is once again active and may soon decide to hunt down Lauriel as he has several previous slayers. He insists that for the next week she begins to train intensely.

Meanwhile, Neil and Miles head to school where the mean girls (Tabitha, Sara, and Billie) suspiciously ask Miles to accompany them on a date of sorts to the local teen hangout, The Tin. Skeptical as he might be, Miles agrees to the meeting.

After the strange encounter, Miles introduces to Neil to the new girl, Clarissa Aaron who is immediately taken with Neil. Things certainly are unusual for the nerdy, outcast crowd.

Miles and Neil head to the Tin that evening to meet their respective dates, while Lauriel is forced to train while also being on patrol. Once at the Tin, Miles leaves Neil to struggle with an awkward first date while he goes to find Tabitha. Tabitha and her friends soon convince Miles (a 15 year old hormone storm) to come back to her place. Fortunately, Neil has common sense enough to follow. At Tabitha’s house, Miles becomes convinced he is about to get lucky (triple lucky) but unfortunately this is not the case. Their insistence that he look into this strange magical mirror brings him back to reality. Though he tries to break free from them, it appears they are too strong.

Neil trashes the door to Tabitha’s house distracting the girls enough for Miles to jump out the window and run into the night with Clarissa and Neil all the way back to Lauriel. Her watcher is none too happy with the gang, until Miles mentions the name he heard at the girl’s house: that of their master, a demon named Ravenoch.

The gang head to Merric’s apartment to do research and learn that Ravenoch can appear on reflective surfaces and can suck people that know his name into the pocket dimension he is trapped in. In the course of research both Merrick and Clarissa are discovered to be missing. Utilizing his psychometric abilities, he learns that Merric disappeared after hearing Ravenoch’s name said aloud. He then grabbed the book and suggested they head to Anjelika‘s home. Inside they find evidence that Anjelika and Cheveyo Lark are involved but they aren’t home. A quick call to Lauriel’s house and the gang heads to the magic shop. Some research and a discreet phone call by Sally help determine that to recover the abducted people, the gang must go into the pocket dimension. Fortunately, Anjelika had a blessed dagger to give to Lauriel to fight this True Demon-sized demon.

After speaking the demon’s name and staring into a reflective surface, they are instantly transported into what appears to be an abandoned mansion. Inside people are chained to chairs and desks reading trying to find a way to release Ravenoch from its dimensional prison. Miles uses a spell to locate Clarissa and soon they find her and Merrick. Unfortunately they were too late and the house began to rumble as the demon found its way into Valley View. In the process, Tabitha’s house was nearly burned to the ground as Lauriel made short work of the demon.

In the aftermath, Neil went to investigate the junkyard to see if the artifact there could be connected. As he came face-to-face with four vampires the screen fades to black.

Season One Episode Two

As the episode opens, a business man is being stalked by an unknown creature who proceeds to murder the man.

The next day at school the news has spread that a man was found murdered at Valleyview University. Meanwhile, Miles and Lauriel greet the new student, Clarissa Aaron, who is being given a hard time by the local jocks and mean girls. Although initially reluctant, she soon opens up a bit. Pretty soon they learn that her mother Anjelika Aaron has opened a local magic shop called Moderne Mysterie. They decide to check out the new shop and meet up with Clarissa after school.

After buying a few supplies, they head over to the University to investigate the mysterious murder. After trying to look at the crime scene a local cop prevents them from going in to the Early Admissions Office. As is turns out, the victim was the Early Admissions representative, Scott Johnson. Lauriel and Miles split up to gather some evidence on campus. Lauriel asks around about the admissions office while Miles does some research at the computer lab. Miles discovers that the victim’s heart had been cut out by a knife. They sneak into the Admissions office and look around. Lauriel goes through his files while Miles makes a floppy disk backup of his emails. Lauriel discovers that one file is out of place, one belonging to Tobias Weyfield , a young med student and son of the influential Weyfield missionary family. Miles receives a strange vision of a conversation between Mr. Johnson and Tobias of strange tribal music and chanting. He sees a vision of a small creature with a knife stalking Mr. Johnson.
After gathering up some evidence, Lauriel and Miles do a quick patrol on campus where they discover a vampire walking away with a young, impressionable co-ed. Miles in a show of boldness, walks up to the vamp and tells him he is way too obvious as he throws a splash of holy water in his face. The vampire doesn’t take too kindly to that but Miles has some slayer-powered back-up. Despite some almost double-staking action, the quick vampire ducks and prepares to make Miles his evening meal. Lauriel swings in too the rescue dusting the miserable vampire.

After taking a nasty bite, Miles parents are resistant to letting him out of the house when he claims that he was mugged. However, he has some time to check out what is going on. His best guess is that the creature in question is not a demon, but possibly a homonculus.

The next night Miles sneaks out with Lauriel to go to the football game at Weyfield Stadium where he suspects something is going to happen. Miles looks around for anything out of the ordinary eventually going to the locker room where he sees a shadowy creature ducking into the door. Fortunately, Lauriel follows him to inevitably save his ass. Miles accidentally walks in on Blake King and a girl in a compromising position. As he turns around to run, a small creature wielding a knife leaps up at Miles stabbing him in the shoulder. He nearly gets clocked by Blake after tossing the creature away. The slayer easily stops the creature and the two heroes take off. A shady person seems to be watching them as they flee into the night.

Miles’ parents are not happy as he sneaks back in and assumes he is in a gang. Now on lockdown, it is up to Lauriel to figure out what is going on. She heads to Clarissa’s to gather some information while Miles tries to find a way to locate a homonculi’s creator. After sharing some awkward chit-chat, Clarissa slips into the other room to tell her mother that “it is happening again.” Clarissa makes a quick exit to retrieve Miles and they cast the spell to locate the creator. It leads them to an abandoned warehouse full of homonculi and a crazed Tobias with a strange shrunken head necklace. It turns out that Tobias had bought the necklace in Haiti and been using it to take vengeance on his enemies. A quick destruction of the necklace puts his plans to an end, although Tobias doesn’t remember what had happened.

Lauriel returns home to find her Watcher, Merrick, returned from a Watchers Council meeting and claiming that a terrible thing has happened.


As the episode opens our heroes find themselves on patrol in a local graveyard taking out some fresh vamps. Other than a lucky punch to Lauriel’s face, the vampires are quickly dusted. The next day at Valleyview High School the gang hears about a curfew being put into place due a string of local disappearances. Other than the curfew the school seems to be relatively normal. Some of the jocks obligatorily give Miles a hard time but his friends are there for him in a pinch. On their way home, the gang comes across a series of missing children posters for Timothy King, Carl Dalton, and Anabelle Stevens. Something strikes the team as unusual about the disappearances so they decide to investigate. Neil and Miles head to his place to scour the ‘net for information. Meanwhile Sally and Lauriel head to the library to research the old fashioned way. Miles finds a pattern to the disappearances while the others find the two most likely places to investigate: an abandoned warehouse and Valleyview Junkyard. After much debate, the team heads to the junkyard which seems to be rife with mystical energy. Miles touches the fence to pick up on any impressions left behind and is struck with a vision of a strange artifact and some demonic creature. One of the older siblings of one of the missing children, Rick Dalton has come into the junkyard in search of the missing children. What he and the gang don’t know is the junkyard is lousy with hellhounds. After Neil takes Rick to safety, the team manages to dispatch the hellhounds and find the manager’s office at the junkyard. At the junkyard they find the classic blacked out pedo-van which has a Las Vegas plate and a business card for Red Jack Casino inside. The office looks to be a vamp nest and an eager Miles bursts in to find the vamps playing cards. He quickly uses his magic to knock over the table as he turns to run. Miles is nearly choked to death by the lead vamp who is “disarmed” by Neil. The team makes quick work of the vamps. Miles then discovers a clue, a parchment with a drawing of the artifact from Miles’ vision.


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