Memorable Quotes

Lauriel as she kills a hellhound with her hunga munga: “Hunga munga cowabunga!”

DIrector: “As you enter the warehouse, a strong stench reaches your nose.”
Lauriel: “Is it cookies?”
Director: “No, it smells like rotting flesh.”
Lauriel: “So… not cookies then?”

“Viva Las Vegas!”
Sally to Jacqueline Vermelho: “Are you Red Jack, ‘cause I’m gonna Red Jack your face!”
The gang collectively groans.

Sally on the size of Lauriel’s hunga munga: “Is it a humunga-munga?”

“Midnight Oil”
Lauriel: “We’re actually members of …. crime club.”
Jack: “Oh, okay. Do you have badges? Cuz that would be cool.”
Neil: “Hey! Where’s my badge?!”
Lauriel: “We don’t have badges!"

Jack trying to aid a badly wounded Sally: “Will my junk give him hit points?”

“Devil Boy”
Lauriel to Jack: “Well thanks for putting the crime in crime club.”

“Gavrok N’ Roll”
Angelica: “You want me to stay here with the soulless demons?”
Miles: “You’re in retail. You should be used to it.”

Jack intimidating the demons with his beeper: “Don’t try anything or I’ll blow us all up!”

“The Final Night”
Jack after seeing a demon emerge from the Hellmouth: “There’s some kind of big @%&$ing hell hole, and some guy is crawling out!!”

“End Time Blues, Part I”
Jack talking to the group about Amberleigh: “Maybe she’s a wiggly fingers.”
Juno, giving Jack a confused look: “Maybe she’s a whatsit now?”
Lauriel: Oh! We need a new wiggly fingers!"

After Amberleigh the witch agrees to join the crime club, Juno mutters under his breath: “That didn’t work out so good for the last one…”
Lauriel, scolding him: “Don’t be such a wiggly tongue!”

“End Time Blues, Part II”
Lauriel while fighting some of Lothos’ vamp goons: “Yeah, more like a-TRASH-ins. They could at least take a shower once in a while.”

“Stakes N Slayers”
Jack as he crushes a small tart and waves a feather in the air to cast Tasha’s Hideous Laughter at the lich: “I tart in your general direction.”

Director after rolling a 10 on the lich’s random spell chart: “Fucking death ray … of course …”

Sally just before raging and rushing the lich with her greataxe: “You’re about to get lich-slapped!”

Memorable Quotes

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