Tuurngait Soul Urn

The Tuurngait Soul Urn is an artifact created long ago by a group of angakkuq (Inuit Shamans) to contain the spirits of several malevolent tuurngait (spirits) along with the captured soul of their corrupted angakkuq master. It is said that whomever possesses the orb and frees the spirits from their imprisonment will be granted control over the dark spirits within. Legends tell that the orb itself cannot be destroyed without releasing the tuurngait it holds, so it was guarded by the angakkuq until its disappearance from recorded history in 1867.

It was once guarded by Lauriel’s great-grandmother.

The gang discovered the Urn at the Valleyview Junkyard and attempted to protect it from the gang of biker vamps and Spike. Miles drained power out of it in a desperate move to keep the Urn out of Spike’s possession. The consequences of that action are just now being realized.

The Urn is currently in the possession of Jacqueline Vermelho who took it from the gang during their visit to the Red Jack Casino.

Tuurngait Soul Urn

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