Lauriel the Vampire Slayer

End Time Blues, Part I

Season Two, Episode One

School is back in session! It’s the first day of senior year, what could possibly go wrong?

Frog dissection on the first day of Advanced Biology? Gag me. Worst still, when those frogs re-animate mid-dissection, causing a panic. As Jack and Lauriel leave the biology class, Jack accidentally bumps into Amberleigh Yung, a new student. The bump knocks a book out of her bag, and as Jack picks it up to hand back to her, he notices it’s suspicious title, Scholis Inferna. Is the new girl a witch, and did she cause the frog-tastophy?

After school, the gang heads to Moderne Mysterie, which is now owned by Lauriel’s uncle, Cheveyo Lark, intent on forming a plan to figure out what happened in the biology class. Imagine their surprise, though, as Amberleigh walks through the front doors of the magic shop. The group does their best to subtly question her about the event, trying to suss out if she is the cause or not, but it quickly becomes apparent that she was not behind it, and in fact she had come to the magic shop for supplies to try to solve the case herself!

Later that night, the gang heads to the school to investigate. Jack easily breaks them in, but as they begin to make their way to the biology classroom, Amberleigh is caught by a teacher, Mr. Whitman! She nervously manages to talk her way out of trouble, and she continues on to the classroom to meet back up with the gang. Amberleigh quickly gets to work, casting a spell called “Tirer La Couture” (roughly translated “Pull the Curtain Back”), which allows her to see all magic around her. As she takes a look around the biology classroom, Lauriel and Jack hear a noise down the hall.

Amberleigh looks around the room and even examines the reanimated frogs (conveniently still being kept in a box in the room), and is shocked to find no magical presence among anything. Meanwhile, Lauriel and Jack dust a vampire who had brought a “snack” back to the dark halls of the school. While helping Amberleigh search the classroom, Sally has a ghostly encounter! She sees the image of a nerdy highschool girl walking backwards down the hall, then vanishing before her eyes. Unable to turn up any other clues, however, the gang leaves the school for the night.

The next day, Amberleigh is handed a pop quiz in her English Lit class. Unfortunately for her, as soon as she finishes writing her name on the test form, the bell rings and the teacher starts collecting quizzes. Where did that time go? Amberleigh uses a spell, “Expectations Fulfilled”, to get a passing grade on her quiz anyways.

After school, the gang researches the girl that Sally saw in the halls the night before, and discovers that she is a junior at the school named Abigail Cooper. They head to her home to talk to her parents, only to discover a run down house and her drunk father, who gets strangely mad and slams the door when they ask about Abby’s brother, Eddy Cooper. They had managed to find out that her mother works at the local Valleyview diner, however, so they decide to try talking to her. Unfortunately, that conversation turns sour when they make mention of Eddy again, and they quickly discover that he’s been dead for about a year. Abby herself has been missing for several days. Strange.

The gang decides to research what happened to Abby’s brother, and they find out that he died in an accident at the school last year when he fell down the stairs. The article mentioned that Mr. Whitman, a maths teacher at the school, was a mentor of Eddy. With the sun setting on another day, the gang decides to head to the school once again to investigate the maths teacher.

Before they reach Mr. Whitman’s classroom, however, an explosion of glass reveals a surprise attack from several nasty vampires who come crashing through the windows of the school hallway. The lead vampire, a towering brute standing nearly seven feet tall with shoulders as wide as a truck, quickly rushes down Sally and grabs her by the throat. As the other vamps surround the rest of the group, the leader smirks at Sally, his unkempt black hair making way to a pock-marked and monstrous face with one good eye as he lifts her off the ground. “Time to die, Slayer,” he says to Sally.




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