Lauriel the Vampire Slayer

"The Dolls of Valleyview"

Season One Episode Three

The episode begins with Merrick, recently returned from the famed Watcher’s Council retreat, giving Lauriel a dire warning that the powerful vampire, Lothos is once again active and may soon decide to hunt down Lauriel as he has several previous slayers. He insists that for the next week she begins to train intensely.

Meanwhile, Neil and Miles head to school where the mean girls (Tabitha, Sara, and Billie) suspiciously ask Miles to accompany them on a date of sorts to the local teen hangout, The Tin. Skeptical as he might be, Miles agrees to the meeting.

After the strange encounter, Miles introduces to Neil to the new girl, Clarissa Aaron who is immediately taken with Neil. Things certainly are unusual for the nerdy, outcast crowd.

Miles and Neil head to the Tin that evening to meet their respective dates, while Lauriel is forced to train while also being on patrol. Once at the Tin, Miles leaves Neil to struggle with an awkward first date while he goes to find Tabitha. Tabitha and her friends soon convince Miles (a 15 year old hormone storm) to come back to her place. Fortunately, Neil has common sense enough to follow. At Tabitha’s house, Miles becomes convinced he is about to get lucky (triple lucky) but unfortunately this is not the case. Their insistence that he look into this strange magical mirror brings him back to reality. Though he tries to break free from them, it appears they are too strong.

Neil trashes the door to Tabitha’s house distracting the girls enough for Miles to jump out the window and run into the night with Clarissa and Neil all the way back to Lauriel. Her watcher is none too happy with the gang, until Miles mentions the name he heard at the girl’s house: that of their master, a demon named Ravenoch.

The gang head to Merric’s apartment to do research and learn that Ravenoch can appear on reflective surfaces and can suck people that know his name into the pocket dimension he is trapped in. In the course of research both Merrick and Clarissa are discovered to be missing. Utilizing his psychometric abilities, he learns that Merric disappeared after hearing Ravenoch’s name said aloud. He then grabbed the book and suggested they head to Anjelika‘s home. Inside they find evidence that Anjelika and Cheveyo Lark are involved but they aren’t home. A quick call to Lauriel’s house and the gang heads to the magic shop. Some research and a discreet phone call by Sally help determine that to recover the abducted people, the gang must go into the pocket dimension. Fortunately, Anjelika had a blessed dagger to give to Lauriel to fight this True Demon-sized demon.

After speaking the demon’s name and staring into a reflective surface, they are instantly transported into what appears to be an abandoned mansion. Inside people are chained to chairs and desks reading trying to find a way to release Ravenoch from its dimensional prison. Miles uses a spell to locate Clarissa and soon they find her and Merrick. Unfortunately they were too late and the house began to rumble as the demon found its way into Valley View. In the process, Tabitha’s house was nearly burned to the ground as Lauriel made short work of the demon.

In the aftermath, Neil went to investigate the junkyard to see if the artifact there could be connected. As he came face-to-face with four vampires the screen fades to black.



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