Lauriel the Vampire Slayer

End Time Blues, Part II

Season Two, Episode Two

Under attack from a nasty lot of vamps courtesy of Lothos, the gang fights for their lives in the nighttime halls of the high school. The lead vampire, dubbed “One Eye” for his .. well, one eye, holds Sally by the throat, mistakenly believing her to be the Slayer (thanks, Spike). It’s a rather tough melee, and although all the other vamps get dusted, One Eye escapes to report back to his master, or do whatever it is evil vampire types do after getting their butts kicked. Interestingly, One Eye never actually finds out that Sally isn’t the Slayer, which could be a problem for her in the future. Exhausted and more than a little beat up, the gang decides to call it and night and leave the school. The investigation will just have to wait.

Unfortunately, danger waits for no one. The next day at school, Amberleigh is witness to another horrific paranormal event, as Mr. Whitman the AP Calculus teacher rapidly ages and crumbles to bones and dust right in the middle of class. Bummer. Still in shock from the strange occurrence, Amberleigh grabs Sally and Lauriel, and they duck in to a restroom to discuss what’s happened. No one thinks to make sure the bathroom is clear, though, and it isn’t long after they leave that a girl steps out from the stalls and says, “What the hell?” Uh oh!

After school, the crime club meets up at Sally’s apartment to do some research. Amberleigh makes crafty use of her hacking skills, accessing the town hall records and downloading blueprints to Valleyview High. After marking all of the locations at the school where strange events occurred, the gang manages to triangular a central location where the events may be emanating from. Naturally, it’s in the basement.

In what’s beginning to seem like a nightly occurrence, the gang breaks in to the school later that night. They quickly head to the basement, and it isn’t long before they find some sort of strange device. It’s sparking electricity all over the place, and Lauriel wastes no time grabbing a fire hatchet from the nearby wall and smashing the machine to pieces in a bright, blinding flash. As Sally, Amberleigh, and Jack stand up and brush the dust off themselves, it becomes apparent that the rampant time device has been stopped….

…but where’s Lauriel?



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